Brian Anderson

Executive Editor

Riding herd over 81,500 online discussions and original content, a more descriptive job title for Brian might be ringmaster.

With over fifteen years as an editor in the insurance profession, Brian has a talent for taming the daily deluge of industry information and distilling it into usable pieces of content.

Insurance professionals look to Brian and the Forums for engaging and insightful ideas, trends, and product information that will help grow their business and sales success.

Kara Day

Director of Client Campaigns

From creating timelines to assembling campaign analytics, Kara is following the details.

Like an air traffic controller, Kara juggles a lot of items in our air space – advertising platforms, email services, social media messaging, and content marketing.

With her calm demeanor, she has a talent for keeping all details in line and a focus for flawless campaign launches and execution.

Justin Blase

Director, Digital Strategy

As an early adopter of digital marketing technologies, Justin continues to grow Insurance Forums outside the box.

From lead generation to search engine optimization to retargeting and marketing automation, Justin works with clients to maximize exposure within the insurance industry.

Combining critical thinking with digital technology and marketing expertise, Justin boldly goes where no one else has gone before to reach the insurance professionals.

Valdet Shehu


As our technical wizard, Val keeps us posting, clicking, downloading and connecting with speed and ease.

Armed with master’s degree in Computer Science and orchestrating the flow of over one million messages through the site, as well as videos airing, ads rotating and emails blasting, Val is the mojo behind the machine.