Getting Started Selling Annuities

What would you tell someone who wants to get into annuities?  The agent in question came from a life insurance background, but hoped to sell fixed annuities.  The agent grew concerned when researching, as the high fees and low returns involved in annuities had developed a reputation as a bad option.  The agent worried that selling annuities might not be a good option to present to a client, and sought evidence to the contrary.  Can agents sell annuities to their clients with integrity?

Most forum members agreed that annuities can be a great solution for the right person and the right situation.  Working with an association, IMO, or individual that can help with casework and explain when an annuity might be a good fit is always a solid first step.

For clients who do not trust the market and would rather have smaller returns with guarantees, as well as exposure to the upside of the market, an annuity can be a great investment.  Agents suggested annuities as good options for clients who are approaching retirement and need to maintain a well-balanced portfolio.  Check out more of the discussion on annuities here.