Mark Williams named President at Brokers International

Mark Williams, pictured at right, has been named the new President of Brokers International, Ltd., succeeding longtime President and CEO William (Bill) McCarty, who...

Retirees who own an annuity are more confident about maintaining lifestyle

Study finds the retiree annuity ownership rate is nearly 70% higher among households that have completed a formal plan than households without plans, yet advisors report they have completed formal retirement income plans for only 35% of their retired clients.

MDRT delivers new meeting focused on needs of U.S. and Canadian members

MDRT EDGE delivered a customized learning experience with a focus on providing up-to-date socio-political trends and exemplary industry practices to Engage, Develop, Grow and Empower its members’ businesses.

New legislation introduced to delay DOL Rule implementation

The insurance industry is cautiously proceeding as if the Fiduciary Rule will in fact begin implementation on April 10, but the incoming Trump Administration...

Annuity Market 2014: Top Producers See Strong Opportunity

This is that time of the year when we start to read reports that tell us how well particular products sold in the previous...

Factors driving the growth of the income annuity market

A new joint study by LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute and CANNEX reveals that even whilemarket forces have raised the cost of securing guaranteed lifetime...

New IRI Retirement Fact Book connects retirement risk and concepts with products and solutions

The Insured Retirement Institute’s newly released 2018 Fact Book intends to help insurance and financial advisors explain complicated retirement strategies and financial instruments in simple terms.

Upside Index Potential: A Fixed Index Annuity Breakdown

Which Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) offers the best upside index potential?  It depends on the client, the state, the length of contract, and other...

Fixed annuity sales propel growth in early 2016 while variable annuity market share shrinks

WINDSOR, Conn. — Total annuity sales were $58.9 billion in the first three months of 2016, 9% higher than prior year results, according to...

Lincoln Benefit Life being acquired; may resume life and annuity sales

A North Carolina company has entered into an agreement to buy LBL in a deal expected to lead to Lincoln Benefit Life back into selling life insurance and annuity products.