2016 FMO Executive Outlook, Part I: The M&A climate, planning for the DOL Fiduciary...

The widespread uncertainty surrounding looming regulation – specifically the Department of Labor’s updated Fiduciary Rule – is fraying nerves throughout the independent life insurance...

After Fifth Circuit vacates Fiduciary Rule, NAFA & DOL agree to drop lawsuit

If the DOL does not seek a review of the decision by April 30, the court’s mandate will go into effect May 7, dissolving the rule. The DOL also has until June 13 to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its appeal of the decision.

Advisors on carriers: Product and fees are important, but service is the differentiator

While product features and competitive costs will initially get an advisor’s attention, ongoing service and support will keep it, a new LIMRA/EY study finds.

Fixed annuity sales fall in Q1, but variable annuity sales rise

Secure Retirement Institute report also finds registered index-linked annuities break quarterly sales record, topping $5 billion.

The Best Fixed Index Annuities Based on Cash Accumulation

One annuity salesman is contracted for many annuity carriers and keeps up on their caps, participation rates, spreads, etc.  He appealed to the forum...

Best annuity markets for advisors revealed in new report from IAP Analytics

“Austin, Texas is one great annuity market for advisors. As a metropolitan area, it’s got a track record of growth that’s four times the...

Annuity sales for first six months of year at lowest level since 2001

DOL Fiduciary Rule seen as cause for declines in most categories as two major annuity sales quarterly reports are released this week. Indexed annuity sales on pace for 5-10% decline in 2017; VA sales expected to drop 10-15%, falling below $100 billion for first time since 1998.

Half of retirement savers are ‘chasers’ behind on savings goals

Anxious savers want to catch up, but worry they may be too late according to new “Chasing Retirement” study from Allianz Life.

SEC adopts Regulation BI in 3-1 vote

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted in favor of adopting a final amended version of the Regulation Best Interest rulemaking package on Tuesday, drawing praise from the insurance industry.

Annuity sales off to strong start in 2021

Secure Retirement Institute: Strong economic factors drive first quarter annuity sales growth; RILAs continue hot streak