New paper adds to building momentum for longevity annuities

A new paper released Nov. 6 by the Brookings Institution that explores longevity annuities and their role in helping consumers manage retirement risks including...

NAFA searching for new leader to tackle long-term goals

Chip Anderson will be stepping down after three years as fixed annuity association hopes to have a new Executive Director on board in time for its mid-June leadership conference. NAFA is also urging financial professionals to tell Congress to pass the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA) before the upcoming budget deadline of March 23.

Lion Street introduces platform offering path to independence for captive agents

New platform aims to show successful agents the value of true independent firm ownership.

Congress finalizes $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill including retirement plan aid

Legislation allows limited, early withdrawals from retirement accounts, deferred RMD in 2020.

Indexed annuities shatter sales record in 2Q 2014

Second-quarter 2014 sales of indexed annuities set a new record, eclipsing the 4Q 2013 record by nearly 9%, according to just-released figures from Wink’s...

Annuity plan! Annuity plan! I do not like that annuity plan, Mr. Insurance Man!

Sometimes, the most resounding lessons on financial strategy can come from the most unlikely of places. Case-in-point — a classic bedtime story I read to...

Why more advisors are turning to a holistic retirement planning approach

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) released a new report in late December forecasting that more advisors in the years ahead will embrace a holistic...

FedEx buys $6 billion group annuity contract from MetLife to reduce pension obligations

The largest U.S. pension transaction by premium in the last five years continues the market trend of more plan sponsors transferring their pension obligations to insurance companies.

Pacific Life, Blueprint Income launch digital experience to modernize annuity purchasing

The collaboration’s “Next Deferred Income Annuity” offers simple, transparent way to begin building guaranteed income for retirement with as little as $100.

Bum knees push Kim O’Brien to sudden retirement as NAFA president and CEO

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) on Tuesday, Jan. 20, announced the retirement of Kim O'Brien, President & CEO, from...