Getting Started Selling Annuities

What would you tell someone who wants to get into annuities?  The agent in question came from a life insurance background, but hoped to...

Bum knees push Kim O’Brien to sudden retirement as NAFA president and CEO

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) on Tuesday, Jan. 20, announced the retirement of Kim O'Brien, President & CEO, from...

Fiduciary Rule concerns spur 8% drop in total 2017 annuity sales

Uncertainty over DOL’s partially implemented rule blamed for 5% decline in fixed indexed annuity sales, the product line’s first annual decline since 2009, according to just released figures from LIMRA’s Secure Retirement Institute.

Annuity plan! Annuity plan! I do not like that annuity plan, Mr. Insurance Man!

Sometimes, the most resounding lessons on financial strategy can come from the most unlikely of places. Case-in-point — a classic bedtime story I read to...

DOL wants more public input on Fiduciary Rule

Comments - some due by July 21 - seek input on whether to delay the Jan. 1 full implementation date and suggestions for streamlining the Rule's major provisions.

Marketing Annuities: The Do’s and Dont’s

Annuities are some of the more complicated insurance products out there.  While even the most basic double as somewhat sophisticated financial instruments, it’s more...

Turnover at the top: 4 key industry associations replacing CEOs

There may have never before been so much turnover within the top administrative posts of the life & health insurance industry’s leading national associations as we have seen in the past year – or perhaps even just the past month.

Fixed annuity sales fall in Q1, but variable annuity sales rise

Secure Retirement Institute report also finds registered index-linked annuities break quarterly sales record, topping $5 billion.

New tools to help advisors manage client portfolios introduced by Allianz, Pacific Life

Allianz Life and Pacific Life each introduced new features and capabilities recently, intended to help financial professionals deliver better service to clients.

Why more advisors are turning to a holistic retirement planning approach

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) released a new report in late December forecasting that more advisors in the years ahead will embrace a holistic...