Six in 10 millennials would sacrifice pay for guaranteed retirement benefits

ARLINGTON, Va. — Faced with mounting worries over their finances and retirement outlook, six in 10 millennials say they are willing to sacrifice pay...

First-of-its-kind Consumer Benefits Coverage Index illustrates benefits spending patterns across U.S.

New index provides insights and creates a model to help consumers better understand and prioritize benefits investments.

Your existing book and guaranteed issue DI: A driven producer’s formula for huge success

Let’s be real. It is extremely difficult, and sometimes seems downright impossible to make a fortune doing anything – including playing the lottery, let...

Why Wouldn’t An Employer Offer Voluntary Benefits?

An agent came to the forum to ask about the objections that other agents run into in terms of voluntary benefits in their business. ...

Transamerica introduces employer-funded Health Reimbursement Accounts

New solution allows employers to contribute toward premiums and other expenses paid by employees for individual primary medical insurance.

The Basics of Selling Group Health Insurance

One agent came to the forum to learn more about selling group health insurance.  After selling term life for a few years, the agent...

Less than half of employers offer life insurance as a benefit

New research finds 23% fewer employers are offering life insurance to their workers compared to 2006.

Workplace Benefit Premiums Rebound in Q2 2022

LIMRA survey finds workplace life, disability and supplemental health premium increased after a sluggish first quarter.

1 in 6 workers stay in unwanted jobs for health benefits

New Gallup survey finds 16% with employer-sponsored health insurance stay put for fear of losing coverage.

The Lowdown on Pet Insurance

In life, we sometimes have to make tough decisions.  In case of an emergency, who do we prioritize?  Our family, or our pets?  One...