4 trends to expect in the health insurance market

High-level trends we may expect to observe in the wake of ACA repeal efforts and how stakeholders would potentially be affected by the changes.

Older adults willing to pay more in Medicare premiums to ensure cap on out...

New survey finds 1 in 5 adults who currently take prescription drugs struggle to pay for them each month; and three-quarters of all surveyed support legislation that places a cap on what seniors pay for prescription drugs in Medicare Part D.

Vericred, Ritter team to launch PlanCompass Pro for faster quotes, improved health plan selection

Health insurance agents and brokers are spending more time on each application than ever; they’re getting paid less; and clients continue to experience frustration...

Just one-third of 61 million eligible for Medicare opt for MA plans

Mark Farrah Associates reports Medicare Advantage plan enrollment exceeds 21 million as of Feb. 2018, an increase of 7.6% compared to Feb. 2017.

UnitedHealth drops out of AHIP over strategic differences

UnitedHealth Group Inc., the nation’s largest health insurer, is parting ways as of June 30 with the health insurance industry’s biggest trade group, saying...

Beneficiary advocates urge CMS to correct inaccuracies in Medicare & You Handbook for 2019

The Center for Medicare Advocacy, Justice in Aging and the Medicare Rights Center sent a joint letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services last week, objecting to serious inaccuracies in the draft Medicare & You Handbook for 2019.

Congress reinstates health reimbursement arrangements

In what is being hailed by supporters as a major victory for small businesses across the country, Congress on Wednesday approved the 21st Century...

AAMSI posts free access to Med Supp conference videos for agents

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance has now posted video recordings of 10 top-rated sessions from the event, which was held June 12-14 in St. Louis.

Digitization ensuring insurance is no longer a costly headache

Author Wes Thompson, founder and CEO of emergency medical insurance startup Emerge, says digitization of the health insurance market is making it easier for customers to get better and cheaper health insurance.

Short-term care products seeing heightened interest, new players entering market

LOS ANGELES – A new study of 12 short-term care insurance policies examines policy features including Benefit Period, Elimination Period and Optional Riders. The study...