Trend Watch: New opportunities for advisors and retiree clients with unwanted policies

After a few tumultuous years, the life insurance settlement industry is incredibly healthy, as many well-respected companies have taken leadership roles within the marketplace,...

Tax reform bill expected to boost life settlements market

Doubling of estate tax exemption means life insurance purchased to pay estate taxes may no longer be needed; Bill also includes positive changes to IRS treatment of life settlement transactions.

Non-recourse premium financing for in-force policies an alternative to surrender for older clients

Unexpected cost of living increases affect people of all walks of life. Even the best-laid plans are not foolproof. There are unforeseen circumstances that...

Life Settlements pros ‘chart the course’ toward making Americans more aware of their use...

As a new Conning study says overall market conditions point to continued growth for life settlements, industry professionals gather at the LISA’s fall conference to discuss how best to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them.

Stats, demographics suggest life settlements industry well positioned for long-term growth

The U.S. life settlement industry appears to be well positioned for sustained long-term growth, based on sales trends, consumer demographics and awareness, the regulatory...

Speakers at life settlements conference forecast substantial ‘organic growth’

A confluence of demographic and economic forces are aligning to drive substantial growth of the life settlements asset class, according to featured speakers at this week’s Life Settlement Institutional Investor Conference.

Saliva tests as longevity predictor inch closer to becoming a true disruptor for life...

Life Epigenetics announces that two major insurers will test its exclusive lifespan-predictive technology – purported to be a more accurate and economical way to help carriers determine appropriate premiums for individuals.

Advances in underwriting: Saliva samples now being used to analyze biomarkers of settlement prospects

Minneapolis-based life settlements specialist GWG Life claims it is the first insuretech company to apply epigenetic technology in a way that it says could...

N.J. Supreme Court voids STOLI policies

Ruling finds stranger-originated life insurance violates public policy and are void at the outset.

Recent life settlement transactions reveal broad social utility

Life settlement brokerage firm says seniors are selling unwanted life policies to solve a wide range of financial challenges.