Americans: Add an advisor, subtract stress

New study illustrates how Americans with financial advisors feel significantly more prepared for retirement, optimistic about the economy, and less stressed out. Another study shows women experience much higher financial stress levels than men.

How estate tax repeal could impact life insurance sales, retention

If the Trump Administration achieves its stated objective of repealing the federal estate tax, insurers predict it will have a negative impact on survivorship life insurance sales and likely retention, as well.

More than half of all U.S. workers have difficulty understanding retirement savings in terms...

Showing workers their retirement savings as income estimates, financial professionals can help make sure workers are saving enough and confident in their ability to lead the retirement lifestyle they want.

Preston Rutledge retiring as Assistant Secretary of Labor

As head of the Employee Benefits Security Administration, Rutledge was responsible for defined contribution plan regulation, reporting, oversight and enforcement, and also oversaw self-insured health plans, and the DOL fiduciary rule.

Americans yet to embrace robo-advice as new data shows advisors highly valued but underutilized

MILWAUKEE – According to new findings released July 18 fromNorthwestern Mutual's 2016 Planning & Progress Study, the established value of human advice in financial...

Millennials making progress toward retirement saving, but Social Media is an Achilles’ heel

New study from Allianz Life finds parents’ bad experiences also impact millennial financial behavior; Study also shows boomers finally showing signs of optimism about their retirement readiness.

Advisors on carriers: Product and fees are important, but service is the differentiator

While product features and competitive costs will initially get an advisor’s attention, ongoing service and support will keep it, a new LIMRA/EY study finds.

Life Insurance has a powerful friend in Ed Slott

For a guy that doesn’t sell life insurance, Ed Slott is one heck of a life insurance salesman. He’ll be the first to tell you...

House passes bill to protect seniors against fraud; industry groups urge President Trump to...

The Senior Safe Act intended to empower and encourage financial professionals to report suspected cases of elder financial abuse while shielding advisors who act in good faith and with reasonable care from liability.

SEC adopts Regulation BI in 3-1 vote

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted in favor of adopting a final amended version of the Regulation Best Interest rulemaking package on Tuesday, drawing praise from the insurance industry.