Selling Medicare Plans: Is It Worth It?

There aren’t many agents or brokers who would argue that Medicare is the easiest sector of insurance to get into.  There are a lot...

HealthSherpa launches nationwide, user-friendly Medicaid application

Health technology company has already processed over 1,700 Medicaid applications through the new pathway.

Survey says: Health Insurance Satisfaction Highest with Medicare

Annual survey finds Medicare enrollees have highest satisfaction with their plan for second year in a row.

Clover Health to triple Medicare Advantage geographic footprint on heels of significant membership growth

Pending CMS approval, expansion would increase Clover’s coverage to 108 counties in eight states.

A Market and Product Outlook (And How You Can Use It for Your Agency)

Recently, I gave a run-down of the current Medicare outlook, and how you can use it to benefit plans for your agency or business.  ...

AmeriLife Direct partners with BGA on Medicare, other products

Expanded partnership with One Resource Group enables its agents and advisors to refer Medicare prospects; AmeriLife also releases White Paper highlighting Med Supp opportunities created by MACRA 2020.

Disturbing percentage of Med Supp, Advantage enrollees lack full understanding of plans

A revealing new dataset on Medicare beneficiaries sheds light on just how little many of them understand about the coverage.

The Best and Worst Med Supp Apps

Completing Medicare supp apps has long been a painful process for med supp producers. Each company has their own form, and compliance can cause...

Medicare premiums taking one of biggest jumps in years says Senior Citizens League

While the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment will increase benefits by 1.6% in 2020, Medicare Part B premiums are climbing by 6.7%, more than four times faster.

Holiday present from CMS in the form of compliance training relief for producers?

Duplicative CMS recertifying requirements for Medicare agents could become a thing of the past thanks to new proposed rule.