Autonomous cars: Bring ‘em on, drivers say in survey

Results of a new survey from, a car insurance comparison-shopping website, find most Americans are comfortable with the idea of cars that can...

With Google in the mix, should agents worry?

In January, independent agents woke up to the news that Internet giant Google had plans to sell insurance. A Jan. 18 New York Times article...

Study sheds light on just how much auto insurance premiums spike after a claim

State-by-state analysis shows that claim-induced premium spikes remain high, but percentage-wise don’t jump by as much as last year.

CEO of auto insurance company challenges auto makers to fight distracted driving

ATLANTA – Joe DeLago, CEO of Good2Go Auto Insurance Company, known for its Cell Phone Safety Discount, announced April 11 that he has issued...

Autonomous vehicles predicted to radically shrink auto insurance sector, change type, amount of coverage...

New research from KPMG says shifting driving risk to auto manufacturers and rapid adoption of mobility-on-demand will have significant impact on insurance business.

Auto insurers double down on ads and digital investment as shopping stagnates

New J.D. Power study finds Erie Insurance ranks highest in insurance customer satisfaction for sixth consecutive year.

Drivers – especially Millennials and seniors – rarely switch auto insurance providers

SAN FRANCISCO – Despite the constant barrage of ads featuring the Geico Gecko, Flo from Progressive, Professor Burke of the University of Farmers, Allstate’s...

Americans driving less, yet most not aware of money-saving insurance options

New DriveCheck assessment from NAIC intended to help consumers determine if usage-based auto insurance is a fit.

Root Insurance announces significant expansion in Ohio

Three-year-old auto insurance startup plans to add 463 jobs – growth of 500% - in Columbus by the end of 2021. Currently available in 16 states, Root plans to be nationwide by the end of 2019.

InsureTech startup Apliant takes pro-agent approach to helping consumers easily shop for insurance

Arguably the biggest challenge most independent insurance agencies face is finding and onboarding new clients. That is precisely the challenge year-old InsureTech startup Apliant...