New insurance marketing poll seeks insight from Forum members; results will be shared

The insurance industry is undergoing a long overdue change. A growing middle class is surfacing as a huge under-insured market, retirees are clamoring for...

Survey says: Referrals are top marketing channel for agents, yet 80% lack formal referral...

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – While referrals are the primary marketing channel – delivering up to 60% of all new business for insurance agents –...

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There are conflicting opinions on when the term Big Data really came onto the scene, but it is undeniable that its notoriety has skyrocketed...

Final Expense leads in 2017: What’s working now

Generating a consistent, high-quality source of qualified leads is paramount to success in selling final expense. Insurance Forums member David Duford (screen name: Rearden) details what he considers to be the best types of final expense leads, how they work, and their overall quality.

How to Market Your Insurance Services to the Millenial Generation

The millennial generation, generally defined as those currently in the 18-30 age-range, are a tech-savvy and suspicious bunch. They grew up with computers and...

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Friend or Client? Which comes first?

The first thing you must do when searching out high net worth prospects is to get them talking. But should the relationship start from the social or the business side?

Getting back to growth: A 3-phase approach

Referral coach Bill Cates says this is the time to show people what you’re made of. You don’t need to have all the answers. You just need to be willing to have all of the conversations.

SEO agency shares new 2020 digital insurance marketing guide

321 Web Marketing, an insurance SEO agency, recently created and released the insurance marketing guide for in an effort to help agents increase their online visibility.

11 ways to hook customers

Every agent’s major competition isn’t always another brand, product, service, or even price. Sometimes it’s the producer who knows how to capture someone’s imagination, the agent who can “hook” customers. Here are some tactics to help you win customers.