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  1. leevena
    leevena somarco
    Hi. Hope you are well. I gave your name to Clay Skiff. He contacted me about developing a HRA, thought he was in group but he is in individual. He wants to build a private exchange for retirees. Not only does he not grasp the complexity of building this, he does not believe me when I tell him it is a dying market anyway. I told him that you have a better feel for the market and that he should talk to you.
  2. Devin01
    Devin01 hockeyday
    send me your email and I ll send you the underwriting guide for Bankers Fidelity
  3. maness
    maness Tony T
    I was contacted by someone that was offering a 50% contract working the federal space, mainly postal workers. is 50% a standard commission ?
  4. maness
    maness Lepalms
    I was offered a sales position working with postal employees.
    401k, annuities. But they are offering 50% commission. Sounds low.
    Is that normal?
    Thank You
  5. InsuranceIsLife
    InsuranceIsLife JFS55
    I have a book of 400+ FE Leads from 65-85 SC only (existing orphans). Some can just use the CV thats equal to the DB to use for FE. I would not charge, but also in SC and would like a percentage. Can give all info dob, address, cv, face amt , premium, etc. Let me know if this is of interest
  6. Woodard
    ownership of your policies with a cluster, network, etc. If you leave do they pay you comms. so long as you maintain license & e & o ?
  7. WinoBlues
    Do you hear that?!?
    NPCOACH scagnt83
    Hope we can be friends. There is a website that you should check out. I think you will find it interesting as it gives a great breakdown of annuity buyers by age, by sex, by occupation, by type of annuity purchased, etc.

    It is a fast and easy read. Let me know what you think (and no, I don't have anything to do with their site)

    All the best,
    Paul aka Npcoach
    Thanks for your reply,
    Paul (Npcoach)
  10. jnason35
    Would You Like To Have More Leads, Set More Appointments, Skyrocket Your Sales, Have More Fun & Success Than You Ever Dreamed Possible?