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  1. gravi8729
    Become free from any consciousness of the body and all other relationships will automatically finish.
  2. jerryrut
    jerryrut Agentguy5
    Where can I find your post with your presentation?
  3. davephx
    davephx somarco
    (continued) I found you researching TJ Marketing which my associate who does more insurance is considering. I loved your comment long ago "It was get in the car, drive and knock on the door until they answer or someone calls the cops."
  4. davephx
    davephx somarco
    Just a compliment on your site from a nerdy CPA background with 35 yrs in the investment business. Usually, I don't like the cartoonish drawing things but the voice over and fast-moving creative combined with all the detail on the rest of the site is great both for the simple folks and us nerds that want detail.
  5. bobby dazzels
    bobby dazzels wehotex
    Edward give me a call Steve webber 904 832 5236
  6. wburke99
    wburke99 HoosierLife
    Not sure how to PM here but was intrigued by your headline. $20k guarantee. I want to build a team as I have a huge following but am looking for the right platform. Can you contact me at [email protected] or 860.309.0220
    Thanks, Bill Burke
    1. HoosierLife
      Got your PM Bill.
      Apr 11, 2019
  7. donaldmolbert
    Nice day outside
  8. gravi8729
    Those who play hero parts in this unlimited play are hero actors.
  9. gravi8729
    Only those who remain aware of their original and eternal sanskars and natures are able to remain unshakeable and immovable.
  10. wburke99
    wburke99 digfesales105
    Still have a telesales opportunity