2019 MA & Part D Carrier Certification Details

Jun 15, 2018

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    Are you looking for carrier-specific 2019 Medicare certification info, like training start dates and requirements? Find everything in one place >

    Ritter Insurance Marketing, a national FMO, collects and publishes certification info in their easy-to-navigate Certification Center. Training availability dates are available for anyone. To view the carrier-specific requirements, you must register with RitterIM.com and log in to the site. (Creating an account is free and fast!)

    What types of Medicare certification details does Ritter post?
    • Certification availability dates and training websites
    • If a carrier requires AHIP or offers AHIP at a discounted rate
    • If face-to-face training is required
    • If certifying for 2019 will let you sell the carrier’s 2018 products
    • Who you can contact to confirm your certification and more!
    Certification information is added as it becomes available. If you do not see details for one of your carriers, keep checking the site for updates!

    Stay on top of the details you need to know to get ready to sell for AEP! Visit Ritter’s Certification Center >
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.