2020 MA & Part D Carrier Certification Details

Jul 3, 2019

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    Are you looking for carrier-specific 2020 Medicare certification info, like the dates carriers’ trainings go live and carriers’ unique certification requirements? Find everything in one place >

    Ritter Insurance Marketing, a national field marketing organization, collects and publishes certification info in their easy-to-navigate Certification Center. Training availability dates are available for anyone to see. To view more carrier-specific requirements, you must register for a free account with RitterIM.com and log in to the site.

    Here are the types of certification details that Ritter posts:
    • Certification availability dates and training websites
    • If a carrier requires AHIP or offers AHIP at a discounted rate
    • If face-to-face training is required
    • If certifying for 2020 will let you sell the carrier’s 2019 products
    • Who you can contact to confirm your certification and more!
    Ritter’s staff adds the certification information is added as it becomes available. If you don’t see details for a specific carrier, keep checking the site for updates.

    Stay on top of the details you need to know to get ready-to-sell for AEP! Visit Ritter’s Certification Center >
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.