401K Rollovers for Low to Middle Income Employees

Discussion in 'Annuities Forum' started by mschlange, Jul 23, 2015.

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    Does anyone have a recommendation on what to do if someone has a small amount in a 401K maybe less than 5000 that could be rolled into something?
    Not security licensed.
    I will be working with companies on employees leaving the job and enrolling in health and want to do something with what they might have in a 401k
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    National Western has a minimum of $2k on most of their IAs if its qualified funds.

    American Equity has a minimum of $5k on many of their products.

    Athene has a $5k min on some of their products. LFG goes down to $2k min for qualified funds, but their rates/caps suck right now.

    I recently wrote an AG IA and noticed that there was a box to ask for an exemption from the $25k min. But Im not sure what is involved to get that exemption or how low they will go.

    Between NWL, AE, & Athene you should be well covered.

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