A Message to Millenials and a Story About a Professional Stumble

Oct 10, 2016

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    Dear Millennials:
    It’s time I admit something: My Insurance Career path hit a bump in the road once before. (Ahh that is a huge monkey off my back!) I was young- 28, I think. I was asked to do a job I loved. In my mind I did it very well......

    Despite achieving great results and hitting goals for years with my team in the face of odds the size of Texas, I must have stumbled a bit in my career. It could have been the attention I gave my family, specifically my new born son who came to us with some significant health*problems. I could have blamed it on the organization that I worked for or those I reported to (that always seemed like the*immature*thing to do). I could have blamed it on the company decision to replace one HUGE line of business with an insignificant line of business that created a HUGE shed of Written Premium in a short time. I could have pointed to a number of factors and placed the blamed elsewhere.......