A New Sales Approach?

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    The right sales approach can make all the difference in increasing sales and gaining new business! If you’re looking for a new way to sell, you may wish to partner with a seasoned professional who can serve as a coach on best practices and career tips.

    A coach can help you set appropriate goals in multiple areas and then aid you in building your personal strategic business plan, complete with the high-payoff service activities necessary to achieve your goals. The results? Enhanced work performance and personal growth.

    3 Ways a Coach Can Help
    Help distinguish yourself in your next client meeting by leveraging relationships and customizing your approach based on these best practices from experienced coaches:
    1. Focus on your best asset: you—Learn to differentiate yourself through personal marketing approaches designed to demonstrate your dependability and reliability.
    2. Build and maintain relationships—Position yourself for success by routinely and proactively seeking qualified referrals from clients with whom you have established strong and ongoing relationships.
    3. Manage your many priorities—Learn to identify, schedule and execute the right high-payoff activities on a weekly basis to achieve your personal and business goals.
    To find and engage a career coach, you can contact a respected colleague or mentor; join a professional association; or participate in a hands-on, behavioral-based sales coaching program such as High-Payoff Selling™ for Producers, presented by Polestar, a member of The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group.

    Learn more about Polestar’s High-Payoff Selling for Producers program.

    What challenges are you facing that a career coach could help fill? Comment below!
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    FYI I took this class. It was expensive, but boy did I get my money's worth.

    Thanks Polestar!
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    How is this not an offer along with your other posts?

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    I can't speak to anything other than MedSupp or FE in relation to considering the message above.

    In regard to those two, and the posts I have seen in MedSup and FE forums over the last 6-8 months, I think anyone considering a course like the above should do a lot of reading here first. The message I have from posts is that there is no NEW way-There are "OLD" systematic approaches to the sale of these products, which if applied consistently, will enable one to be successful; and IMO's or uplines will give you that mentoring.

    That is a comment from a non-agent, but it is an essence of posts I have seen again and again and again.

    And if after reading those things, one still feels like there is something they are missing, there are a "ton" of posts by DHK on attitudes for. and approaches to, the business of selling insurance.
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    One sales approach that is working is creating a customized referral app that you can forward along to your existing clients and have them share. Here is an example view-able from any mobile device.

    Farmers Insurance

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