Adaptive Vs Responsive Designs, A Research Study

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    There have been many discussions on these boards as to the merits of responsive websites. Being an overall fan of responsive sites (heck, ITC's website is responsive) I have taken an active role in advocating for them.

    Be that as it may, I noticed that over the 4000+ agency websites we host, our adaptive designs performed better for visitors and converted more traffic than our responsive designs.

    There were a few key findings:

    1. Visitors on adaptive sites spent 11% less time while visiting 19% more pages; indicating that they found their content quicker and easier
    2. Visitors to responsive designs bounced 9% more often than visitors to adaptive sites
    3. Adaptive designs loaded 280% faster primarily by being more than a third the size of responsive designs in terms of text and graphic assets being sent to the client
    4. Contact forms performed the same across both design methodologies
    5. (the big one) Visitors to adaptive sites were ten times more likely to submit a quote request than visitors to responsive designs
    Needless to say the results of 4.4 million unique visitors surprised me. I thought you all would enjoy the results of this study. Check out the study for more insight into what we learned and what methodology we used.

    Adaptive vs Responsive Mobile Websites in Insurance, a Research Report

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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