Agency Builder Workshop: How to Become an FMO

Mar 30, 2018

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    Learn How To GROW Your Medicare Insurance Agency From GA to FMO

    Hear agent testimonials about the value of attending The Agency Builder Workshop. Everyone is eager to contract you, but no one will help you GROW. We share the path to becoming a bigger and broader agency that is sustainable.

    You can hire an employment attorney, an HR specialist, and a compliance officer, but who will train them on the specifics of the insurance industry? Attorneys don’t understand insurance hierarchies, overrides, and our industry practices but they will let you pay them a hefty fee to learn it, before they can advise you!​

    Click here from more info on the Agency Builder Workshop.

    This is a combination you won’t find anywhere in our industry. You will leave with sample legal documents you can tailor to your agency: an employee handbook, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, CMS Policies and Procedures and more. The cost of drafting these documents alone covers your cost of admission.

    Atlanta, GA, May 14–16 • Charlotte, NC, May 16–18

    This workshop will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time. We will show you what NOT to do and how to slowly, cautiously grow on your budget to the size you aspire to. Most agents don’t have a lot of capital to risk—we didn’t either. Over 35 years we have grown from one employee to over 100. We support over 10,000 agents across all 50 states. Gordon Marketing specializes in Medicare and this workshop is focused on the Senior Market, but we also hold FMO contracts in Life, Annuities, Dental, ACA, Short Term, and more. We can help you grow your agency with any product as your focus.

    You are in a race with your competition to attract and retain quality producers. We will give you recommendations for the software, apps, vendors, and lead generators that you need to power your expansion.

    Invest 3 days and $500*. Click here to register.

    If you are planning to grow and unsure how, don’t miss this opportunity. These are the last two classes offered in 2018.


    *see for complete details.
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