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Dec 12, 2008

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    One of my friends works with Agents Sales Journal. She is needing some feedback from Insurance Agents. Please read this and email her or contact her and let her know what you think and how she can improve Agents Sales Journal. Let's not joke around and see if we can help her.

    We’re looking for new ways to provide insurance agents with the content, information, and services they need to do their job well. In order to help you succeed in your field, however, we need to know what information you want. Could you take a few moments to visit and give us any feedback you have on the site? Look around, click on some of the buttons, and do a search for your favorite insurance topics. See how we’ve covered them and see what we’re offering agents on the site.

    If you don’t have time for that, could you let us know what you want from an independent insurance Web site? What content, services, information, and tools would help you do better at your job? What do you need that you’re not getting? And what are you getting that needs improvement?

    We want to help you do your job better – but we can only do that if you help us do our job better. So please take a few moments to let us know how we’re doing or what you want from a business-to-business publication (and Web site).


    Christina Pellett
    Managing Editor
    Agent's Sales Journal
    [email protected]
    Mark, Dec 12, 2008