AHIP Double Charged, then Refused to Refund Timely

Sep 2, 2015

  1. sam816

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    First time I tried to make the payment for 2016 recert there was an error message says" error, please call or try again", thought it would be a hassle to call I put in my credit card info again but got the same message, that was when I became suspicious and stopped, logged out and back in I saw the modules were loaded to my account. I called the AHIP right away and the rep said "don't worry, our system is set up to prevent double charges."

    a few days later I looked up my credit card statement and there were two charges by the AHIP.

    first rep: I can see one charge posted to your account and another one pending. you need to send in your statement so we can refund.

    WTF, you charged twice and you cannot see that in your system (two orders for 2016 are shown in my order history)? and you want me to waste all this time on the phone and to show you the statement?

    2nd rep: let me talk to my manager (after I requested a case #).

    3 hrs later they sent an email to let me know refund will be issued in 7 days.

    Be careful, it looks like a completely dysfunctional organization with a bunch of idiots don't know what they are talking about.
    sam816, Sep 2, 2015