Allstate LTCI Telling Me to Call Mutual of Omaha??

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    I am dealing with a denial of my father's LTCI purchased from Allstate in 1991, due to , I quote,
    "We Changed our Minds"
    I went on Facebook page of Allstate to voice my complaint. A representative took my claim # and Policy # to research. Her response was: I need to call
    Mutual of Omaha??
    Is this to throw:skeptical: me to the wolves?? Haha Throw me off track? Did Allstate's LTCI get bought by Mutual of Omaha?
    Anyone aware of this?
    By the way this is the wording of the contract that we are "interpreting differently now, than in the past," said my Allstate Claims Adjustor, Michelle Jacobs. (who initially approved two Assisted Living Facilitys and now changed her mind)
    This policy covers Nursing Home:
    Nursing Home means a facility which 1)is licensed by the state in which the facility is located to provide care for sick and injured persons at their expense, 20provides 24 hour care by or under the supervision of a Doctor , RN, LPN or LVN and 3) maintains medical records for each patient.

    A nursing home does not include. 1)a hospital except for a portion of a hospital specifically designated for use as a Nursing Home, 2) a place that is primarily for the treatment of mental illness, drug addiction or alcoholism or 3)a place owned or operated by the Insured Person or a member of the Insured Person's Family.

    Allstate now states that Nursing Home actually means Skilled Nursing HOme that is approved by Medicare, nothing else. Not how I read that contract.

    Thanks for any insight!!

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