AMS/BMS for a Combined P&C/DI,LTCi Life Agency

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    A question for my Insurance Tech/Nerd brethren of mine here please.

    I was approached by an Investment Bank (middle-market) which has significant U.S. employees and business relationships from several offices here and in other FinCenters around the world. Big enough group but not household name type of big.

    So the CEO has hired me for a consulting project. Without boring you all on the full scope of the task, my main questions are these:

    1) I need an AMS/BMS that can handle the P&C needs for all the companies for whom they are raising capital and otherwise bringing to the public markets. This would include all the Commercial Insurance a business might need, GL, D&O, Business Packages, Product Liability... sometimes Specialty... etc.

    2) My real hope is to be able to find an existing AMS/BMS that can handle everything above as well as IDI, Life and Group Business ...etc, all in one nice neat little package.

    If someones knows of such a package I would certainly like to know about it. And possibly even have conversation about it as soon as possible.

    I know that we can always have something like this built to our specs using something like sitting on top of Salesforce. Which will be the path that we take if we can't find anything in the existing marketplace that will fit our needs.

    Much appreciated!

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