And So It Happened that a Chicago-based Call Center Agency Opened a Branch in Charlotte North Caroli

Oct 19, 2016

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    And so it happened that a Chicago-based Call Center agency opened a branch in Charlotte North Carolina. And I worked there. Two weeks into sitting around doing almost nothing, among a ship load of licensed Accident & Health agents and plenty who still needed to take the state test, thirty of us who also were licensed for Medicare sales were press-ganged into a Captive Medicare group where we were expected to sell plans that major and minor insurance carriers offered.

    In the Captive Medicare group, successful agents could hope to earn up to a $$ commission for each Humana Medicare Advantage plan they sold. That's on top of a base wage of $12 an hour. By the way the commissions in all of the Call Center's groups would start to be paid out at the end of November 2016.

    I was locked out of selling major carriers's plans because a previous agency that I signed up to sell with had refused to release me from our interlocking relationships.

    Four weeks later, some of us who were in the same predicament were transferred out to a Medicare group that sells policies from a single carrier in one northeastern state. In that state, the carrier had a < 10% market share. P.S., the compensation for selling their Medicare Advantage plans was far less than Captive Medicare's commissions.

    The true advantage of working in a Call Center that has over 400 insurance people, including scores of extroverts, is that you hear about numerous job opportunities elsewhere.

    And so two weeks later I left and started working elsewhere. If only the company had asked about our previous agencies' contracts. Growing pains or transplanted practices, who knows?
    Vieta, Oct 19, 2016
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    I've worked at Call Centers of one sort of another all my life. I've been a trainer and supervisor in them.

    I'm not sure of who you were working with or for (IM me, I be the curious sort) but it sounds like that the Front office got a contract they were not prepared for and didn't have the time or knowledge (or both) to get everything lined up. Their marketing/sales department just saw dollar signs and that's were they started to trip over themselves.

    I work for an insurance call center that's well established and they did the same thing last year by opening a dept. without having the back room people set up. Everything went to hell once we started rolling with an ave of 4 or 5 sales per agent per day.