Anybody Ever Done Key Tags?

Jul 10, 2015

  1. indienoise

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    South Carolina
    I'm in the midst of paying my dues, doing all the nonstandard business, etc. and trying to think of a little bit different ways to get new business. I've stopped by car lots with donuts, cookies, that kind of stuff but haven't really gotten much in the way of referrals. Was considering getting some key tags printed with agency name and number on the back. Thinking maybe bearing a gift that's a little more useful for the dealer will grab their attention, plus if I'm lucky maybe I'll get a couple of calls directly from the customer.
  2. insurance1822

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    The best business I've gotten from car dealers is actually insuring the salesmen myself. Then they will refer business. Without insuring them, I've never got much. Even then car dealers never really materialized for me (but I also never worked them super hared.) You're going to get the obvious non standard bums.

    I insure a bunch of sales guys at an Audi, Mercedes & Porsche dealership and they refer business occasionally...but it's still not good business.

    One thing I used to do is when car dealers would call to get updated ID cards I would be like "Oh hey there I'd be happy to get that ID card sent over today & how's your day going?" then I'd transition to "aww man well looks like my computer is being slow w/ me, I'll need to quick restart it BUT hey...since we have a few minutes to kill here, would you be open to an auto insurance quote?" then nomatter what their answer is, my next question would be "Oh OK well what kind of car do you have?" Then of course 70% would just answer that question & then I'd pivot from there.

    I'd get 1/4 who would say YES and I'd actually write them. Then that's your in to ask if they could introduce you to sales guys.

    Always find a way to get that creative...warm introduction to sales people.