Anyone from Kansas City area?

May 31, 2008

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    I thought a few folks on here might be from KC area. I'm looking at insurance for a new direction. I have been in sales most my adult life but this would be new for me. I guess ou could say that offering service contracts on office equipment is insurance they are buying the contract to pay for the repairs incase it has problems. Much like taking someone to the Dr. office,lol. Most that I have talked to think I should go into car, home and life. Car and home as everyone is required to have from the lenders so it is a bigger market I guess.
    I really want to be able to offer a really good insurance plan for self employeed folks. This is close to my heart and important to me. I also have a ton of contacts I have be involved with through the years and this would help.
    Anyway never hurts to meet new people so let me know if you have time to talk with someone wanting to get started in the industry...
    gogoguy, May 31, 2008