Are You Selling Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance?

Jun 5, 2018

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    Offering dental, vision, and hearing (DVH) insurance isn’t just an easy way to maximize your book of business and create an additional revenue stream. It’s also a great way to get your foot in more doors and help more clients. Discover why >

    Original Medicare and Medicare Supplements don’t cover routine dental, vision, and hearing services. Further, Medicare Advantage plans don’t usually include comprehensive dental. It’s relatively easy for you to offer solutions to fill in the gaps!

    Interested in learning more about selling this form of coverage? A great FMO to work with for growing your DVH sales is Ritter Insurance Marketing. Here’s why:
    • You can get top contracts with leading carriers and affordable plans.
    • They have a dedicated Ancillary and Long-Term Care Department with a truly helpful Ancillary Sales Specialist.
    • If you’re new to DVH insurance sales, they’ll get you up to speed and give you everything need to get off to a strong start.
    Why leave money on the table for another agent to pick up? Learn more about selling DVH insurance with Ritter >
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.