Assurance/Lumico Experience?

Aug 24, 2018

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    Absolutely love it. The best opportunity I have ever had or know of. Been there well over a year and selling insurance for almost 10. When I started it was outbound only and now we are warm transfer/inbound only. I liked both, inbound much easier. I would say if you can sell, this is the place for you. If you can not, probably not. The volume is insane. I and others consistently do more apps than hours in the week. The sad thing is that I see people who don't put in the time at all or quit before the learning curve which is days for some or months for some. The management is really good, as with any growing company there are always changes and challenges but they are making it work and let us keep producing. I have never seen a company that has grown and improved and innovated so fast. There just is not a better set up out there. For people complaining about lead quality, have you been successful anywhere? Top agents used to sell out of the phone book and you are complaining about leads where the person has entered all of their info online and is warm transferred to you? Even outbound dialing wasn't bad. The sales person's job is to take a lead (a name and number of a possibly interested person) and turn them into a customer. If you can't do that, move to customer service, and that is ok.
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    Would you choose Assurance/Lumico or North Star Insurance Advisors?