Auto Insurance in my Name but Title is Not - please help

Aug 4, 2016

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    I bought the car frm a Repo Business as the vehicle was repossessed from person for non payment. I paid for the vehicle , got bill of sale and drove away. The title was then mailed to me but didnt arrive as it went to my neighbors house by mistake. Time passed and it didnt bother me as the car was legal with insurance and tags and we rarely drove it.. Fast forward a year and the old man had passed way next door and his son inherited his truck. When cleaning out his truck he found the envelope which contained my title in between his seat and console. He brought it to me and now have title in hand. I have lien release and all paperwork as well. I didnt immediately change it over because we had 3 vehicles at the time and the vehicle tags havent expired. So a few months later, I brought the vehicle to get inspected and was off to get title transferred. When I went to Title place she ran the Vin and thats when the issues began. The previous owners name came up and they said they couldnt change over title due to her having a ticket of some sort and something call scofflaw prevented release of title till ticket paid. I left the title place and called repo company and they said I cant be responsible for her tickets especially since this was a repossession. He then said to get you legal until resolved you can get temporary tags/plates. So I did that and got 3 months in a row which is the limit and by May I was now expired of tags/plates. So here we are in July , I drive car to work and get in wreck that was other party's fault and adjuster wont issue payment until title is in my name. How would I transfer title now if vehicle is totaled and cant get inspection. And the scofflaw thing with previous owner tickets. She said however I can get it into my name, all she needs is it to be in my name. The one thing I dont understand is how do buyers normally do it when they buy a vehicle cash and then get temp tags / plates until title arrives in mail. If they get in wreck on the way home with title not changed over you would think they would be covered as this is normal procedure. Other party had no insurance but luckily I had uninsured motorist so insurance was in my name but title wasnt. I know this message is long but i wanted everything to be clear. Please help. How can I get a title on a totaled vehicle? Is there any options for agent to release payment. I suffered major injury's at the fault of someone else and am struggling to work this out.