Bankers Life Chargebacks

Dec 12, 2013

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    I am a former BLC agent who worked for 4 months before I burnt out and left. I lost money. I was encouraged to lie to clients just to make appointments. I had no sales, let alone, insurance experience but after a month with the company, was being sent out with other new agens to train. Of course, I was still in my "SNA" period, so while I had to split commission, made no FT comp to compensate. Now I'm being told I owe chargebacks which of course, I can't service or try to save. The first correspondence said I owe almost $400, then it went up to over $600, then they offered to settle and drop my agent number from their system if I paid the original amount, but when I asked what assurance I had that would actually settle the debt in full, I was told the charge was now over $1000. What can be done to fight this?