Best FMO or IMO for Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplements for contracting

Jan 7, 2019

  1. Sheila Spears

    Sheila Spears Expert

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    I am trying to find a FMO or IMO to contract with to sell Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplements. What
    I'm looking for in a FMO is good training, support, of course a signed release and someone who has a selection of Lead Programs and Services, of course high commissions (though I know everyone pays the same with Medicare Advantage), also is contracted with a large selection of carriers for doing Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements.

    Any additional perks, like training and help on teaching how to do phone sales and e-applications, a CRM system, a Referral tracking system and other perks would even be better.

    I came from a background of selling Final Expense primarily but I want to get a whole lot more into the Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement market selling those products and to upsell Final Expense policies whenever possible. Any help and suggestions for the most reputable and best FMO or IMO would be greatly appreciated.