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Aug 3, 2018

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    American General Quaility of Life is really sweet.

    You have to be licensed through AIG Nashvillve so barley any people sell it.

    Chronic/Critical/Terminal at no extra charge, cash value is almost exactly same as Value+protector.

    My dad 30 year life insurance vet and my mom got it. My dads partner bought it, and another sales lady in the office.

    We had one guy get like $647,000 out of his million for bone marrow cancer. Paid all his bills, bought a house on the lake, and down payment on his sons house. LOL.

    Let's be real, this day and age somthing's going to happen eventually. LTC is dead, and people are going to these rider's.

    Nothing can compare it's like LTC+Death+Cash for the same price, with no extra charge on premiums for the rider. Plus there is accidental death bonus payout for quarter of million.

    PM if u wanna know more
  2. Allen Trent

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    I am a fan of hybrids & also stand alone LTC. You should be careful to say "LTC+Death+Cash", most hybrids are more like "LTC or Death or Cash". if you take loans & withdrawals to supplement retirement from age 60-80 like many max distribution illustrations, there may not be any ADB CIA money left to accelerate when needed at time for nursing home. Many policies impact the ADB CIA bucket on a pro-rata basis of ADB CIA bucket as a ratio of total face of the policy, thus it may be depleted from the loans/partial surrenders earlier in life reducing the ADB CIA pool of funds each time a distribution is taken.

    A $250k IUL with $250k ADB CIA rider where the client takes $25k per year out to supplement retirement from age 65-75 will have depleted the entire $250k ADB CIA, meaning there is none left at age 85 when needed for nursing home. They can still utilize any cash values from the policy still remaining to take out to pay for care, but it wont be from the ADB CIA rider that would be gone.

    I am not sure many producers understand this component. It isn't bad, it just means the max funded IUL for max distributions shouldn't like be planned on for LTC expenses. the ADB CIA riders should likely be placed on the no-lapse Protection focused plans instead..............imho
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    Sold those plans when I was captive with AGLA. While they can be handy, there is one problem.. If the death benefit was bought because of a specific need and then it is accelerated the need at death is not covered ..