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Discussion in 'Direct Mail Marketing Forum' started by timeflies, Feb 15, 2017.

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    I have decided to do my own mailings instead of buying from a mail house. I know its a lot easier to just purchase direct mail leads, but I used to mail my own lead piece several years ago and the response rate was much higher than the return I get when I use the mail houses. My question is this: Should I use my own business name on the BRM envelope, or just have it addressed to something like "Insurance Services"? The mail houses use something like National Processing Center, which is not personal at all. So would my response rate be higher if I used my business name or not? I already have several mail houses as resources so I don't need any pitches from other vendors. I can usually get around 2-3% from the ones i use, but doing my own gives me a lot more flexibility.

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