Buying Books of Business

Nov 30, 2016


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    i work for an insurance company that essentially offers a private marketplace for shopping for health insurance. this means that the vast majority of their business comes from open enrollment.
    My goal is to identify and engage brokers with a sizable book of business for individual policies that have settled on the passive income this creates, who are also open to discussing transferring the broker of record in exchange for a generous revenue share. They will no longer have to service these clients and can continue to send leads as an affiliate partner for a nice referral bonus.

    I'm looking to find the best way to identify these brokers looking to get out of the business, while better understanding their concerns about selling their book of business to someone else. Our common pushback is that the process either takes too much time and isn't worth it, or that their book of business is relationship based and they would lose other pieces of business if they transfer it over.

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
    BEASTHOM, Nov 30, 2016