Car Insurance Giving Me Issues on Damage Estimate

Discussion in 'Auto Insurance Forum' started by mikerms, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Hello all,

    I am seeking some advice on my issue I'm having with my auto insurance. I am in the state of California and recently filed a claim to get my rear bumper fixed from a minor parking lot accident. Since the beginning of process, it's been a pain dealing with my adjuster over the phone. I picked the shop of my choice and they are perfectly fine with that of course but they are forcing me to get an estimate from an approved shop first. They don't want to send out an adjuster to do the estimate but rather get the guy behind the desk at this approved shop to write it up.

    The thing is that the shop I took it to already knows that they're going to need someone to come out from the insurance company after they remove the bumper to inspect for further damages. The first estimate they want me to get will likely be a cheap one and the shop I took it to will re-estimate and write a new one. The guy even told me at the shop this is what will always happen because insurance companies always want to cut corners and get the lowest estimate. This means that for sure an adjuster will need to come onsite to inspect it. The shop I took it to deals with my insurance company a lot and even they know my insurance is giving me a really hard time for them to send someone out. The insurance is claiming that if my vehicle is drivable then I have to take it into their express shop.

    I can never of course get through to speak to a supervisor or a manger or whoever is at the highest level. My shop guy even tried to himself many times and they have me going in circles. Since I work out of town during the week I didn't have the time to take it to this approved shop and it was much easier for me to drop it off at the shop of my choice. I already got my rental but my insurance is refusing to offer any assistance until I get an estimate from their shop and will cut my rental off. Is my insurance allowed to do this and force me to go get an estimate from their approved shop?

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