CareConnect Shuts Down in NY

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    Front page news today is that CareConnect is closing up shop.

    Northwell to shut down insurance subsidiary CareConnect | Newsday

    You may remember that last year, CareConnect threatened to close after being screwed out of a quarter billion dollars through the flawed Risk Adjustment calculations, withheld Risk Corridor payments (and now withheld CSR payments.)

    In response, the NY DFS promulgated emergency regulation (Press Release - September 9, 2016: DFS Issues Emergency Regulation to Address New York Factors Necessary to Remedy Adverse Impact of Federal Risk Adjustment Program on New York Health Insurers ) that would essentially collect and re-distribute the RA payments as a way to correct the flawed federal calculations and keep CareConnect from pulling out. It was only in effect for 2017, and would be re-visited for 2018. That was Sept. 2016, and they just plain never published it, never even filed it. Wasn't until about a week ago, Aug 16, 2017, that it was finally published.

    Moral is, between these issues and the uncertainty created by the federal gov't, they're not offering 2018 product. Still waiting on details, but it appears to be an orderly shutdown where people are moved upon renewal.

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