Career Change- about to take my license course- than what?

Apr 29, 2019

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    New York
    I've been in account management field in software for over ten years, consistently hit my quotas but i'm capped out and decided to make the switch to P&C preferably commercial. I'm hoping to have my license by the middle of the summer. I'd eventually like to go Indy but i think going with one of the big firms to learn the ropes is the best way tto start. I have money saved and understand this is long play and i'm mentally and financially prepped for it. I'm in NYC and i know there's a ton of places around.

    anyone have any advice for me on getting a job and getting a kick ass training program? thats honestly my top priority. money is second because I understand with good training and base the money will come next.

    Open to any and all advice.

    I've read most of the threads here and searched a lot before posting.


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    Welcome! I think you are right on about getting your learning in before expecting fat stacks. People will go to college for 4 years, spend a ton of money and come out with low enough expectation that after 3 mos they take a $15 an hour job. Trust me every time I get a batch of resumes for an entry level clerical position about a third of them have degrees. People will put a month or two into getting an insurance license and expect they will sell like crazy and make 60k first year and double it every year.

    Get that license, and do what you day you are gonna do, and you'll be fine... except, just get all licenses now, you'll not regret it. Much easier to keep a license then to go back and study for it a few months or years later... just do it.