Closing that BIG Client by Focusing on Business Owners Looking to SELL

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    For those of us in the Investment & Insurance industries it's often hard for us to close a HUGE deal. Here are a few tips on a way to do so...

    1. How many Business Owners do you know? When they sell a business for lets say $4M, they all the sudden need MORE investment advise...

    2. Coaching them Pre-Sale helps you gain their trust!

    3. The NEW business owner; keeping the 401-K and investment products with current employees.

    A business broker can help you do all of this and more by making sure you are kept in talks as the business is being sold and with the new buyers to gain the trust of both parties!

    I’m a Business Broker (helping to SELL businesses) in the $1M to $20M price range with our team of 4 experts that work together on all deals! We work to improve a company’s top line Revenue, then help them sell for more! While we are in the Seattle area, we operate throughout the entire USA at

    Send me a message if you want some additional tips.

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