Cold Calling for Auto---Offer Incentive???

Discussion in 'Insurance Cold Calling Forum' started by SueNami, May 11, 2017.

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    I know an agent who will do events (community days and farmers markets, etc) and will offer to people in person-
    "If you give me your info to quote, I'll enter you in a drawing for a gift card"

    Sometimes it's a prize pack instead, but usually it's a gift card. I've seen him do anything from $50 to $200. Sometimes the drawing is that week, sometimes he collects names for months and does one drawing.

    It works well for him.

    MY QUESTION is- do you think something like that is do-able over the phone?

    I'm lucky enough to have access to competitive companies, so really I'm just looking for a way to entice people to give me their info. I feel like the price / benefits makes it easy to approach to close the sale.

    Any thoughts?
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    Why do you want to try to make a living in a sector where 50% of all the transactions done for Auto Insurance are now done without an agent's involvement? Basically people can buy direct from the Carriers or Geico for example.

    Are you appointed with Auto-Owners? In Florida for example only 1 in 25 agents have an appointment with Auto-Owners. It is a premium insurance company but they are very close in price to Progressive which is a very popular carrier, millions of customers.

    But Auto-Owners is terrific on claims and overall their customer service is one of the highest in the industry, if you represent them or are appointed then you have something that a lot of others do not.

    I wish you good luck but I view Auto/Home as icing on the cake after I write a Commercial account for a Small Business Owner(SBO)

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