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    Sorry if this is redundant for some, I posted it to P & C forum the other day.

    I have worked in the financial industry for 20 years and am looking to transition into the insurance field. I worked part time at a high producing SF office for over year and was successful. I ultimately turned down an appointment with them. I am licensed in P & C and life &health. I plan to do primarily personal P & C, but also some commercial as well. I am looking to work for an IA part time, 3-7ish, while keeping my current job. I will ask for no pay, but I want to be able to keep my book that I generate when I leave. Two questions, is keeping my book possible and what commission structure should I be seeking.


    It seemed the general consensus was that I will not be able to keep my book. That being said, what are the buyouts I should seek and is it easier to leave a cluster instead of an AI?

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