Compulife Denied Prelim Injunctive Relief by Court

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    It is not that Bob was trying the case in the court of public opinion - Bob was using the case to pick up new customers - and to attempt to destroy a potential competitor before it gets to big.

    Keep in mind that is a free website builder for insurance agents - Obviously a free website builder that gets a huge market share becomes a Amazonian powerhouse in the insurance industry. Bob was just trying to stop that.

    Agents on this forum should know that main focus is search engine optimization for insurance websites.
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    South Carolina
    Despite what we might think of Bob and some of his actions. He has done this industry a great service.

    Bob exposed naaip for the lying criminals they are.

    No agent in their right mind would do business with naaip if they pay attention to this forum. And a heck of a lot do. I know this has been talked about in other outlets as well.

    The 1 constant among agents so far has been "naaip is a scam, operated by a thief and liar".

    There are lots of agents who will no longer do business with CompuLife... but many more will never do business with naaip.


    It only takes 1 wrong turn to sink a ship.

    I agree that he must be a fairly good businessman to have a successful business for so long. He saw the online opportunity way before most other agents did. He probably could have monetized the term4sale site A LOT more than he did... probably more than compulife. But whatever.

    However, anger is a harsh mistress. His anger has blinded him in this situation.

    If the lawyers took it on a contingent basis, then fine. But if he is throwing his own money at this its a terrible business decision.

    Not because he wont win. But because he is ignoring his business. For years, compulife was the only game in town. Now there is super stiff competition. Instead of recognizing that and making necessary changes, Bob has continued to invest time and resources into this legal battle.

    CompuLife did not keep up with the times. Had Bob hired a web designer and a programmer to update his service to look and feel like modern quote engines do, CompuLife would be worth millions, if not tens of millions right now.

    He had the edge, got lazy/blinded, and now he doesnt. Same thing happened to BlockBuster, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Sears, etc.

    You cant tread water in the business world. In this modern world, its the equivalent of slowly drowning.
    And CompuLife is still treading water to this day from that perspective. The competition BLOWS them away now, it is easier to use, looks better, and has many more features. (and no, naaip is not the competition, we all know who "kicked" compulife off their throne)
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    Am I allowed to respond?
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    That's just it, for the time, energy, and money Bob has put into this, he could have been working on becoming more competitive. Plenty of inexpensive attention was drawn to explain just what naaip is, he had a long list of agents that wanted online quote engines he could have marketed to, and he could (even now) be focused on innovating his business. Honestly, I think he's just drink on rage at this point.
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    Email I received.

    Hello Josh, is a preliminary decision by a the Federal Judge in the case of:


    You recall the letters, emails and phone calls from over two years ago from Robert Barney calling NAAIP "pirates" and threatening you with a lawsuit.

    I knew that the claims and threats by Robert Barney were bogus, considering that I built the system and I am a competent computer programmer.

    In any case, I was dumbfounded that Robert Barney actually filed a lawsuit against myself and NAAIP's owner.

    The decision by the judge was on a Motion for Preliminary Injunction by the Plaintiff to shut down NAAIP and it's free term life quote engine. The basis of the Judge's decision was 100% based on Robert Barney's words. Robert Barney was deposed in late 2016 in a case that did not involve me or NAAIP's owner and was based on Robert Barney's words at the hearing itself. NAAIP's owner nor myself were not at the hearing. Our attorney represented us.

    In reading the Judge's decision, the key point is that the Judge made a statement of fact - that Robert Barney's company was not harmed, was not damaged and his company has taken actions to prevent future harm.

    The obvious question is why would anyone initiate a Federal Lawsuit under such circumstances?

    Last week I was deposed for over eight hours in Miami, Florida. As well, Robert Barney, who represented his company as the most knowledgeable on the programming issues on hand, was deposed for a few hours by my attorney.

    To cut to the chase, things went well.

    How does this affect you?

    Quite a few NAAIP agents were harmed by Robert Barney's threats of legal action. I, personally, had learned that software piracy carries a five year prison term.

    Sit tight - Justice will prevail.

    In the meantime, please revisit your NAAIP site considering that we are constantly improving agent and visitor experience.

    The focus of NAAIP sites is now SEO (search engine optimization). Getting your site to the top of Google.

    The reasoning is simple. SEO works and and numerous NAAIP agents love us for giving them their free "no strings" insurance agent website, hosting, quote engines, etc.

    The time and effort on your behalf is minimal to get good results. NAAIP programmers and designers have set up "the perfect site" for Google search engine results. You will see the difference in organic web traffic rather quickly. You will earn more money!

    Numbered Points:

    Do not forward and mask - Do proper hosting via Name Servers
    Your site should look "perfect" on all devices, smart phones, etc.
    Your site should be "secure." An aesthetically pleasing green padlock in the address bar.

    Daily conference call at 12 Noon ET places special emphasis on SEO - Getting your site to move up in the search engines.

    Agents have NO obligation to contract through us or do any business through us. Leads that come into your site are yours.

    Your site: - This site should be on a domain name that you own!

    Your NAAIP Password:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.
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    I met Bob face to face. Was in the same room as him for two whole days. To say the least, it was a very disturbing experience.

    A man that is obsessed with my company. Spending well over $300,000 in a bad attempt to shut down a web program whose primary mission is a free website builder.

    Really weird. There were two more recent decisions by the judge that also went against Bob - I feel bad for the insurance agents who did not sign up to NAAIP or cancelled their NAAIP site because of Bob.

    There were a few agents that paid attorneys to help them figure this out - as well, there were a few agents that actually paid Bob - in order that they should not get sued. Really sad.

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