Compulife Mobile Edition - Available for As Little As $6.40 Per Month

Dec 3, 2015

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    Compulife has made major changes and upgrades to the Compulife Mobile Edition which comes FREE with any Windows Desktop Subscription to Compulife.

    Here is a test version of the Mobile edition that you can check out:

    PASSWORD: test

    Included FREE in this latest upgrade:

    1. Responsive web pages that automatically adapt to the size of the screen.
    2. A much more up-to-date look and feel
    3. Preferred Health Analyzer
    4. Company Logos
    5. Links to A.M. Best for more company information.
    6. A blue navigation menu bar on the bottom of quotes​

    Our customers like the new Mobile Edition so much, we are now offering it as a stand-alone product for those who want to buy it alone.

    If you are NOT currently a subscriber to Compulife, you can buy the Mobile Edition of Compulife for $96 per year (that's an average of $8 per month).

    Those who want to save money can buy 2 years (paying 2 X $96 = $192) and take a 10% discount making the total $172.80 (that's an average of $7.20 per month).

    Those who want to save even more money can buy 3 years (paying 3 X $96 = $288) and take a 20% discount making the total $230.80 (that's an average of $6.40 per month).

    When a Mobile Edition is set up for the subscriber, they get a control panel where they can select the companies that they want to quote.

    The Mobile Edition allows use on up to 3 different devices.

    NOTE: The Mobile Edition it is NOT the Compulife Web Quote option which allows agents to add a quoting system to their web sites, permitting their site visitors to run their own quotes.

    The Mobile Edition has a number of additional features and functions over and above the Web Quote option, and is enhanced for agent use (emailing quotes and sending individual product/company quotes).

    Compulife's agency customers can bulk purchase the Mobile Edition for their agent customers. The agency controls the companies their agents quote. For more information on those prices, contact Compulife directly at 800-798-3488.

    And finally, Compulife's Web Quote option is also being updated with the new "responsive page" technology that we have implemented for the Mobile Edition. Those new pages should be ready before Christmas. This will let our customer add or imbed a responsive quote system to their site.