Concerned About Getting Screwed Over

Oct 4, 2015

  1. ioque

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    I bought my car last Saturday. 2014, no accidents reported. This Saturday, I was in a parking lot and a woman backed into me. I had pulled out of my space, started driving forward when I noticed a car to my left look like it was about to quickly pull out. I stopped and waited a moment. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see the car directly to my right begins pulling out. I lay on my horn, but they don't stop until they hit me. I barely felt the collision, but it dented right above my wheel and looks to have cracked the underside. My grandmother was in the car, she mostly spoke to them, I was too upset.

    I know better. I know I should've taken pictures before moving my car, I know I maybe should've called the police, but it seemed so minimal. There was another woman who tried to say she saw the whole thing and it was my fault. I don't see how it could've since she backed right into me.

    I reported it to both insurance companies. Now I'm just worried because I don't remember the other driver ever accepting fault. There was no damage to her vehicle at all. I'm also concerned that when my fender's dent is popped out and maybe repainted, that it's going to cause depreciation after ONE week of owning it. I think making a diminished value claim is wishful thinking, though.

    Can anyone ease my troubled mind or should I really be concerned about this?
    ioque, Oct 4, 2015
  2. djs

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    Its a very minor fender bender, it doesn't have any long term affects on the value of the car.

    Parking lot accidents tend to be classified as 50/50 fault. Doesn't mean this one will be, but, my experience is it happens more often then not. Since this hit on the side, you have a much better chance of it being declared the other drivers fault.

    Try to work with their insurance company to resolve the claim. The insurance company will talk to you and the other driver to establish fault and decide if they will pay the claim. If denied, then you work with your insurance company and they will re-open with the other company, but it means you pay the deductible until, and if, they are able to get paid back from the other carrier.

    It does not matter if they said they were at fault or not at the accident. It does not help you at all if they do. It is also a good idea to never state you are at fault, even if you think you might be, it says so right on your insurance card (usually, under steps to do in case you have an accident).

    Also, the police would not have come out even if you had called them. In most areas, they say its private land and you are on your own, unless someone was hurt.

    Take a deep breath, relax, it will take a few days, but everything will work out.

    djs, Oct 5, 2015