Contacting incumbent for Loss Runs ?

Jul 12, 2019 at 12:24 PM

  1. William C

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    I recently encountered the email below for the first time after submitting Acord 611 (loss runs request) SIGNED by the policyholder:

    "Dear Agent,

    Unfortunately, information pertaining to the policy can only be released to either the agent of record or the insured. The report has been sent to the agent of record. Contact the Agent and they can assist you or contact FEMA 800-621-3362 directly and they can provide you with a detailed loss history for the life of the property. Due to HIPPA regulations and privacy issues I can’t assist. "

    Is the carrier correct and I'm wrong ? The loss runs request is for an HOA in Florida. I am a licensed CAM (Community association manager) in Florida. Before insurance I used to manage associations. According to FL laws, specially Ch. 617 (Not-for profit corporations) and Ch. 720 (HOA statutes). A residential association's financial records are open to the public upon request. I still do the Acord 611 because it seems to be the standard for an agency that doesn't have a loss runs request service provider. 99% of the time carriers regardless of the policy type have honored a signed Acord 611 and sent me back loss runs within 10 days.

    I DO NOT WANT TO CONTACT THE CURRENT AGENT (competition) for loss runs. That would allow them to block the dozen or so viable markets for high TIV, CAT exposed, coastal risk. Any advice ?
    William C, Jul 12, 2019 at 12:24 PM
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    This was written by somebody in the insurance business?

    It's HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act) not HIPPA. This is a HIPPA:

    Hippa - Wikipedia

    Doesn't matter. You've apparently hit on the 1% that won't release the information to other than their policyholders or agents.

    That's understandable. All you are left with, then, is to have your prospect get the loss runs for you.