Controllers Leaving

Dec 23, 2008

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    Ok so three times this year I have had controllers leave while going through the steps to get the business.

    1st of 08 I was working with a small construction group and my plan design saved the company almost $50,000. I had final rates and all I needed was signature to pick up the new group. The controller that I was working with leaves the company and the owner will not meet with me. He ends up giving the case to the current agent. That was complete BS. The only good that I can find out of that was the current agent went from making $10,000 is commish to $3,000.

    The 2nd time it happen was 2nd quarter I was working with a car lot that was going through re structuring. Actually it was 3 locations with about 40 people on the health plan. This was a good case and I was 3/4 the way through the process so I was collecting info that underwriting was asking for and the controller with no notice walks out. This case was clear that the company was going bust because they did not replace the controller. So there was no one to work with to finish the case. At that point I was not going to negotiate with underwriting without meeting atleast one of the owners.
    I was pitching a HSA plan that would of cut their premiums in half. As I understand they dropped the group benefits completely which does not surprise me.

    The 3rd I got the call this morning from the owner that they had sign with another agent. The controller left last Wed and Thursday I had final numbers in. This pissed me off because the controller knew she was leaving but started the process with me in Nov. without telling me. I pulled off a sweet rate with a carrier because this case had lots of conditions going. I had the group pulled so they will have to resubmit and might not get the rate I had for them.

    These are cases that I would usually get but when the controller splits on you and your still in the process of picking up the group its tough. I run into the fact that the controller is really making the decision. The owner will give the nod at the final stage but all the stages getting to that point is through the controller.
    ABC, Dec 23, 2008
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    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and hat. Nothing you can do but vent, then go out for an adult beverage or two.

    Sucks doesn't it?

    I was working on a very large association several years ago that lost their reinsurance. The current TPA called me, I put together a deal. Flew to NC to pick up the app and check for $110,000 to cover the first months stop loss premium.

    While I was there I took the TPA & staff out for a nice dinner . . . close to $1000 for 6 of us.

    We had a lot of very nice wine . . .

    Sent the case in to home office. Coverage was bound.

    The next month they cancelled. Seems the old carrier figured out what we did and said they could do the same.

    I never worked with that TPA again.

    Crap happens.
    somarco, Dec 23, 2008