Did You Get this Notice from Humana?

Nov 5, 2015

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    Dear Agent,

    We value your business and want to partner with you to ensure the clients you entrust to us have the best possible member experience. While most Humana individual and family members will be receiving a renewal notice which will allow them to stay on the same or similar Humana health insurance plan for 2016, some will not. We are reaching out because you have clients with a Humana individual or family health plan that will no longer be available in their area for 2016.

    Members with one of the plans that will not be available in 2016 should have received one of the below notifications by letter:

    Their current 2015 plan will no longer be available and mapped to a plan with lower benefits in 2016, or Their current 2015 plan will no longer be available after December 31, 2015 and they need to actively enroll in a different plan by December 15 to have coverage effective January 01, 2016.

    What Humana is doing: In addition to the notification letter being sent, Humana will be reaching out to them in early October to educate and answer any questions they may have on the plan changes. We will encourage them to work with you, their agent on their options in 2016.

    We will make one final outreach to these members after November 15, 2015. If they have not been contacted by you and have not requested assistance from you with their 2016 plan options, we will encourage them to go to the Marketplace or we will transfer them to a third party licensed sales agent. This licensed sales agent will explore all plan options in an effort to find the one that best meets the customer’s needs.

    What you can do: Please reach out to your clients, educate them that their plan is no longer available for 2016, and review their 2016 plan options. You will be able to access the details of these communications, through Humana’s Agent Workbench (AWB).

    Please login to www.humana.com/agents to access your Renewals tool on AWB. You can sort on the “Mail Date” column to identify the recent communications. Please go back to the oldest communication to know all that was sent to your clients. Since these letters were sent in late September, looking for the letters with a mail date of late September will be the best way to identify them. As additional documents are sent to your clients about their renewal, the most recent document will be the visible one.

    If your client is being mapped to a plan with lower benefits, the member should be informed that the Humana plans available in their area have lower premiums but also have lower levels of coverage and may have a different network than their current plan. You should assist your clients in considering the level of claims they expect to experience compared to their 2016 premium and level of benefits to help them select the best plan option. This may mean they want to stay in the Humana plan they were mapped to for 2016 - or they may wish to view new plan options through the Marketplace or in the outside market.
    somarco, Nov 5, 2015
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    I got it, too.....or something similar (for Texas).
  3. AllenChicago

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    Friday, November 6, 2015

    Humana announced this morning that they will be canceling about 100,000 policies. Didn't who/what/where, however.

    Story: Forbes Welcome