Direct Appointments Vs Cluster for New Agency with 6 Million Book of Business

Oct 19, 2015

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    Hello, I am wanting the opinion of the group of the best way to win direct appointments. I work for a new agency in southern Florida that already has 8 Million book of business and we expect to be at 25 Million in premium by the end of 12/2016. My boss is wanting me to obtain direct appointments which I am trying to but nothing obtained thus far.

    We are blessed in a sense that we already have a decent book of business having just starting the agency last month, what is the best option and/or solution to obtain direct appointments in the commercial P&C world?

    I've researched clusters, alliances etc. Since we do have large premium policies, I 'm not sure a cluster etc would be our best option since we could meet premium quotas.

    Any and all suggestions is greatly appreciated. :idea:
    dkqual, Oct 19, 2015