Direct Paramedical Examiners for your Exam Needs

Jun 30, 2008

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    Are you unhappy and disappointed in the level of service you receive from the national paramedical companies such as slow responses to your questions concerning your clients exams, no updates on the status of your clients, false promises of sending completed paperwork to you or your brokerage or slow scheduling of your clients exams? Are your clients being no showed on a regular bases, being stuck multiple times or just not being treated with the professionalism and courtesy they deserve?

    Would you like knowing the examiner who sees your clients, being able to get timely answers for your questions directly from the examiner or reach an examiner after 5pm and on weekends should the need arise? Then it is time to look into using an independent examiner.

    An independent/direct examiner is an experienced professionally trained examiner with a varied medical background. Direct examiners work directly with agents instead of being affiliated with one national company such as Portamedic, Examone etc... By obtaining approval through several different billing companies direct examiners are able to complete exams for just about any insurance company even if that company has an exclusive contract with that insurance company. All direct examiners undergo a background check by their billing company and carry liability insurance before billing approval is granted.

    Direct examiners are small business operators that establish a mutually rewarding business relationship with the agent through excellent customer service and personal attention that you the agent and your clients deserve. The examiner seeing your client is a direct extension of you the agent so you deserve a quality examiner that is a direct reflection of the level of the quality service you provide to all your clients. For more information on why using a direct examiner instead of a national company for all your paramedical needs would be beneficial to you and your clients please email me at [email protected]