Do You Buy P&C Leads

Sep 3, 2016

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    Just wondering if anyone buys P&C homeowners leads. I do lead gen for other industries, and I just started playing around in insurance to see what sticks. I get a few leads here and there just experimenting, but before I try to put real money behind this, I wanted to ask if anyone buys leads.

    The way it works is I get the lead from an online source, call the lead, verify information and hope to sell it. The agent would get all information inc. appointment, but minus marital status and income level - it's too weird to ask this level of info on a verification call, I don't want to sound like I'm phishing. Agents would send a text to person to let them know the number they will be calling from and agent name 5 mins prior to scheduled call. I'd offer returns on bogus leads. All exclusive, no shared leads - seriously, shared leads are worthless to everyone involved. To start, I'd be CA only.

    I'd just like to get a gauge if agents are interested in something like this and what you'd pay to acquire each one. Also, what additional information or service would you like for a lead like this to be attractive to you? Thanks.